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Welcome to the all-new Blitzmania Regionals!

The 2017 Blitzmania league was such a rousing (and bloody) success that we’ve decided to keep the competition going by way of the Blitzmania Regionals. The league table is now live – check back regularly to find out who’s flying high and who’s been stomped into the astrogranite!

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Jim & Bob

Blitzmania Over – For Now!

Wow, folks. What a ride it’s been. Five weeks of madness, violence, opulence and scandal. And what a finish! Of course, there have been some pretty hair-raising events off the pitch as well as on. (Former) Commissioner von Kill’s arrest by a private militia came as a surprise to everyone (except him, maybe?), but what was less surprising was everything that came out about the league’s origins. It turns out that the funding for Blitzmania came from a lot of places, some more legitimate than others. While the fans (and players) were enjoying the extravagance, with renovated stadiums, team incentives and all the added support for the league, von Kill was dodging debt collectors left, right and centre! It was only a matter of time before these things came to light.

Although the disgraced Commissioner’s fate is uncertain, it’s pretty clear that Blitzmania will live on! The fans have loved every minute of it, and the bigger leagues are obviously paying attention to how it should be done. Deputy Commissioner Arno d’Artangle has taken up the reins, and is already in talks with potential sponsors for next season. There’s even talk of partially funding the league through Fundpunter, the new organisation which specialises in letting fans fund the projects they want to see… but no one’s really sure how (or if) that would ever be a success, so let’s not hold our breath.

Whatever the case, let’s all just take a minute to appreciate what a crazy ride this has been, and thank the hundreds of teams who took part in this inaugural season. If you joined in, either as a player, an official or a supporter, have a big ‘thank you’ from everyone on the team. Keep on blocking, folks, and we’ll see you next season!